What does FullCercle Mean?

Well… it all depends on who you ask…

I remember this just like it was yesterday. Picture it: Dallas Texas 2002. I was freshly laid off from my job at an architectural firm where my position at the time was marketing coordinator. I was able to obtain another position at a smaller firm as…you guessed it, marketing coordinator. At the time I realized that I needed something else to fall back on in the unfortunate event that this gig went south. In between proposal preparation I began to toy with the idea of one day being my own boss. That is when FullCercle was born.

I began to play with different logo designs. After all I needed an identity independent of my own. Let’s be real… it my face was not going to make a great logo. It was at this point that I also decided to go back to school.

Now you have to keep in mind that back then I thought that if I differentiated myself phonetically that it would make a great brand- name. I don’t know about you but anytime I say the word circle I never pronounce the “I” after the “c”. So naturally Full-Cercle seemed appropriate. I ran a yahoo domain search, because back then Google was not what it is today, and low and behold that domain name was available!

Fast forward to 2004. I was in my web design class and had to create a brand package for a phantom company. Naturally I chose Fullcercle. At the time one of my classmates what’s French. She commented on my company name and said how cool it was that I had incorporated the French word for circle in my project. I immediately laughed and proceeded to tell her how I came up with that name. A happy accident has become my brand child.

So when one asks me what does Fullcercle mean? It is a combination of years of self brand loyalty, sweat equity, growing positive change, smart design and a very happy accident.

I think that FullCercle means different things to different people. If the end result means that you have achieved and a statically pleasing – flexible brand for your vision that invokes a sense of kind customer service and a quality product from beginning to end… Then that is OK with me. You have come FullCercle.

Fullcercle Design Solutions. Design solutions for your growing business needs.